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I have dealt with TMJ for almost 10 years. I grind when I’m anxious, sleeping, basically anytime I am breathing. chewing gum would lock my jaw and listerine strips were my only choice to face the dating scene of eligible sociopaths in LA. I got my first dose of botox to the jaw 3 years ago. It was overpriced but I feel relief right away (the muscles are stunned by the Needle and relax for a few hours). In two weeks, I had no pain and my face started to look less puffy.

Now I’m due for Botox after five months since my last appointment and I am trying every homemade recipe to relax my muscles. In the past month of quarantine, the two lifesavers have been my refrigerated rose quartz roller, gifted by my most treasured, Nicole Otchy and CBD oil, applied topically and taken sublingually. I apply the smallest dot of oil on each side of my jaw then roll the rose quartz roller horizontally and vertically. This combo is giving me instant relief. I Follow up with 50 mg of full-spectrum CBD orally and in 20 minutes, I feel as though I am botoxed to the gods. After four weeks of keeping up with this routine, it is the only remedy for the clenching I’ve found, it takes more time, but what else are we doing while on zoom calls, finishing netflix and avoiding our yoga mats.

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