Money Spell Set

Money Spell Set

Draw in abundance with our Money Spell Set of a CBD bath bomb and Abundance candle. Our CBD Money Spell Bomb is made with lavender essential oils, embedded with a citrine crystal and 30 mg of full-spectrum CBD oil. The accompanying candle is made with a Tiger’s Eye crystal, lavender essential oils, soy wax and hemp wick.


Citrine has a very old reputation for attracting prosperity to its owner. It helps the owner hold on to wealth and money. Another popular name for the Citrine is the “abundance stone”. Tiger’s Eye increases wealth, boosts money flow and creates more opportunities for growth and expansion bringing abundance and prosperity to your life.

Candle burns evenly to the base.


11 oz. vessel


Bath Bomb: Ingredients: 30mg of full-spectrum CBD oil, Epsom salts. citric acid, baking soda, almond oil, Polysorbate 80, lavender essential oils, water-soluble coloring