Smudge Kit: Clear Negative Energies and Bring in Protection

Smudge Kit: Clear Negative Energies and Bring in Protection

Smudge Kit, to clear negative energy and bring in positive protective energies, includes White Sage, Selenite Wand, Palo Santo, Ostrich Feather, White Candle, and Scared Abalone Shell. Clear self, home and/or car.



Light the white candle and place on a fireproof surface. Focus your energy on the intention of clearing yourself and home of negative energies and bring in positive protection.


Pass the selenite crystal through the sage smoke and put it aside. 

Light the sage bundle and hold the abalone shell below the bundle, intending to remove all negative energies that are in your home. Blow on the bundle to get the smoke smoldering.


Holding the bundle away from your body and clothes, trace the perimeter of your aura including under your feet to cleanse.

Starting at the front door, work counterclockwise, use the ostrich feather to disperse the smoke from the bundle into the top and bottom four corners of each room. Wind the feather in circular motions to move the smoke into nooks of the room. Be sure to smudge in closets as well as under and over furniture including couches and beds. 


Open the windows and doors to release the negative energies and residual smoke. Place the sage bundle on the abalone shell until the bundle extinguishes.

Light the Palo Santo stick and blow out when it starts to smolder. Walk through your home with the stick as you did the bundle now with the intention of calling in white light and protection for guardian angels and masters. The stick will likely need to be relit during the smudging. When finished, placed the stick on a fireproof surface until it extinguishes. 


Place selenite on a windowsill or near your front door for an aura of protection over your home. Let the candle go out on its own. Thank the universe for removing the energies and protecting your home.